Scandal is beginning to arise here in Key West. There are men running amok and sunning sans trousers (that means without). After daily doses of wine hour, tongues are beginning to waggle as are other parts. There is constant traffic between the pool and the hot tub. All of this is a ‘perfect storm’ situation for loose lips and boundaries. I musn’t give too much detail, lest I shock the Spo-fans. A few of my fellow bloggers are right here with me ( and part of the amusement) so I must be discrete…

One of us is single; he is getting more ass than a toilet set. Lucky sod. What is amazing is not the number but how quickly he finds’em.  Because he has the same name as another in the group, we have re-christianed him “Musetta” – or “Slut”, depending if we are talking to him or about him.

Last night in the pool I was part of an impromptu Body Electric warm-up exercise (I am mighty curious what the real stuff is like). This was well, but it was interrupted by a scene from “Pamela”. I was chased around the pool by a lovely man who thought I smelled good. This brought amusement to two other swimmers, who were initiating a position resembling “The Pieta”.

The outside shower as two heads. It is jolly good fun to have a shower partner show up to soap and scrub your back etc. Just don’t alter the temperature on your side, as it immediately effects your shower partner’s, causing him to leap up from the kneeling position and shampoo is spilled.

This evening is leather night. Some of us are going out dressed to kill. We will have a couple of bears beers.

I will keep you abreast of what happens.

All I know is a few of us are in need of a serious spanking.