Here is a  dear little photo of DougT of Gossamer Tapestry and Urs Truly, waiting for breakfast, or something like him…

I started this entry with the title “Thursday Rambles” but without the usual cues it is hard to recall what day it is. The paradox of going someplace where there are no ‘time saving devices’ is ending up with plenty of time and a confusing of dates. The gin doesn’t help.

The holiday is ‘winding down’. Our chums are slowly packing and going home. The ‘must do’ trips and purchases are complete. The books are finished.  Luxurious food is beginning to sound ‘too much’.

We have today and tomorrow left to do whatever we want.  What shall I do?

Some things I want still to do…..

I shall leave blank my main desire, lest Father is reading me blog this week. On a similar note, we nixed “Leather Night” last night as we are old and got tired it was too cold to go out. It felt like Hallowe’en when I had on a fantastic costume only to have my mother force me to wear a jacket over it. (Sweatshirts over harness? no way!)

I have a few more crossword puzzles to do. I am not as good as I used to be. I hope this is from lack of practice and not some sign of early dementia coming on. The gin doesn’t help.

Things I have NOT done: exercised, stretched, drank gin, written post cards, bought more fabric.

Anyway, today’s main agenda is laying out on the sun deck backside up.  It is better to be sunburned on your vacation than tanned on your weak end.  Gin helps.