One of the niceties of staying at Big Ruby’s Guesthouse is location. Across the street is Leathermaster, the dearest wardrobe store there is. A winter holiday to Florida is not complete without a purchase from Leathermaster.

I plan to make some sort of art work out of these. I did have a nice laugh with the salesman at the time of purchase when he asked if I wanted a bag.

“No thank you” I replied “I’ll just wear them home”.

Figuring out how certain leather items go on/work can be a puzzle. This year’s challenge is a ring called “The English Bulldog”.  It consists of a metal ring, with an adjustable leather strap connected to make a loop. It forms a sort of “8” – and damned if I can deduce how it goes on/what it does.

I have stopped in a few times to inquire for the salesmen have given me contradictory information. At one point I tried it on, but failed to deduce where the leather strap goes.  By now it is a quest. I am told the owner will be in today. I hope to have the puzzle solved by day’s end. By now I feel obligated to get one.