Notice the Peeling Pate

Alas and boohoo  the week-holiday comes to an end today. Worse, the weather is warming up just as we are leaving. It seems to be a sort of curse – no matter when we schedule Key West, it is cool.

We finally went out to ‘Leather Night” which consisted of one beer each. Everyone started yawning so we admitted defeat. There was a midnight dip in the pool and call it a day.  We are getting old!

Lord willing, the flights will be on time, delivering to Phoenix this evening. Our Lovely Neighbor will pick us up; she will ask

“How was the trip?”
How was our trip? Good enough. The weather was too cool and we couldn’t get all the restaurants I wanted to attend. But apart from these disappointments we had a splendid time.  We saw a dozen chums; and perhaps met a few new ones (from Winnipeg).

It is back to the salt mines for me on Monday. The post-vacation pile-up of charts, calls,  etc. will rival Fafner’s hoard. Ah well; it is the price I pay for letting the world spin without me.

If it ain’t too late tonight, I will try to check in on all my neglected blogger buddies.