I don’t wear much jewelry. On special occasions I like to wear a ring. I have about 6 of them. I refer to all my rings as “The Ring of Power”.

If Someone and I are going out for a fancy dinner or event, I will announce I will don a Ring of Power for the occasion.

ROP are generally not expensive. This one is made of hematite. I like hematite so the power derives from the resonance I extract from them. You can get a hematite ring in most tourist stores.

Alas, they are brittle, so they don’t last long.

My expensive ROP is this set of ruby and emerald rings I purchased in the Virgin Islands. I wear only one at a time. Sometimes I fancy wearing them both, with the red on the left side for ‘port’ and the green on the right side for ‘starboard’.

This makes me feel like some sort of port for sailors, so let’s not go there.

I have a fabulous clunky golden ROP stolen from Someone. He had it for some sort of community theatre. I haven’t seen such a lovely since the last production of Wagner’s “Ring Cycle”. So I get to play Wotan or the Pope when I don it.

It is good to be Pope, or better yet, James Morris.

Here is a different ROP but I am saying nothing.