A Spo-fan informed me I’ve done enough entries for now on ‘rings’.

My grandmothers had opposing approaches to household decoration. Grandmother Martha collected things; Grandmother Angela kept nothing. “Dust collectors” was Angela’s word for knickknacks and unused items. Her house was ‘Zen” before it became trendy.

I am in an “Angela” mood at the moment. Every so often it feels I am drowning in stuff. I’ve started going around the house looking for things to remove and discard. This borders on bloodlust. Once I get going I tend to go overboard, rummaging through drawers for the sheer pleasure of finding forgotten something to toss. Some times Someone has to set limits.

(By the way, Someone tends to be a Martha. I musn’t touch his things! )

I would be blithe to send Spo-fans my things. Perhaps I can set up my own little Ebay (Spobay?) and people can bid on things.

Oh screw it. Time for another garage sale.