Thank you everybody for your supportive comments and telephone calls yesterday. I grateful and deeply moved.  I’ve been through many ‘it’s the end of my world as I know it” events so I know I will survive this one as too.

Last weekend we had a dozen fellows over for a party. I end up exhausted from all the running around preparation. Someone does a much better job than I at organizing soirees. He ends up doing the majority of work; he is more efficacious with time management.

Our weekend guest leaves tomorrow. After this, there are no events, no house guests etc. planned for the month of March. March looks to be a dull month.  What are your plans for March?

Spo-Reflections had a record # of visitors last month – over 40,000!  I am honored so.

Someone and I suffer from CDHD. Cash Deficit Hyper-spending Disorder. I need to get cracking on my taxes if I want a return. Normally taxes are done by now.

I won’t renew with the personal trainer until we are back in the black. I have to exercise unsupervised. I sense I won’t do as well. If I get a tax return I can sign up again – but with which personal trainer? Perhaps I should go with the former, for a ‘change’.