In these recent years, Someone has voiced the desire for a puppy. He wants a dog; I would like one as well. We decided to get one after having cats. The two cats died a few years ago. Then we had a series of vacations and out of town trips, which were frequent enough to discourage getting another animal. We decided to postpone purchasing a pooch until ‘things settle down’.

Well, things have settled down. We go nowhere until July. Now is a good time to get a rescue dog from the animal shelter. Someone remains unemployed so he has the time to train and bond with Lord Four Foot.

Yet we seem to be hesitating. I suspect we are being cheap. The bottom-line argument against a dog is the expense. What do we do when we go away for a good length of time?  Our friends do this; we suspect they pay a small fortune to do so.  And someday we hope Someone has a job. We can’t keep a dog locked up all day when both of us are away 12 hours or more.

So this issue remains unresolved. I sense it will be delayed to a point another holiday comes up and once again we can’t get one.

Still, despite it all, it would be nice to have a furry friend.