My family is a ‘mixed group’ of religions.

My father comes from Catholic stock; my mother is the ultimate WASP. She disregarded her wedding promise to raise the kiddies Catholic so we boys went with her to church and became Congregationalists. This later merged with American Baptists, to become the United Church of Christ.

Meanwhile we four were “sort of Catholics” when father’s side came to visit. Eventually I went to RCIA. Meanwhile, after decades of going with his wife to her beloved church,  father officially joined it. My mother has always had a ‘live and let live’ approach to religion.  Father still shows his Catholic roots from time to time.

Brother #3 married a Catholic-  in a Protestant Service – and is raising the child RC.  I am (Catholic) Godfather.

Brother #3 when he goes at all to church, goes to UCC.

Brother #4 leans towards Protestantism.

It is all a bit confusing.

Despite all these changing of stripes, I don’t remember a spat about religion in my household.  The one ‘religious discussion’ was my Catholic grandmother asking my father why we kids were putting on suits to go to church (“Protestants dress up for church, mother.”)

Despite being a Papist, I find going Christmas Eve candlelight service at my parent’s Church quite a comfort. Protestants have better hymns, and people actually sing. Protestant sermons beat Catholic homilies, although ironically there is more scripture reading at Mass.

Someone finds my Catholicism somewhat suspicious and at times crazy. Whenever I bring it up, he makes a jab. It is somewhat based upon his Baptist roots.  He was raised Southern Baptist, of which he has no interest.

Curiously, Someone does not dissuade me from going to Mass; quite the contrary, he seems to encourages me going, despite his sarcasm. I think at some level he senses a connection to God through me. It is rather sweet.