One block from where we live there is a house for sale. It is ‘bank owned’. It is approximately the same size as our own. The Lovely Neighbor informs us the going price is a fraction what we paid for our house.


So we are ‘stuck’ here in Arizona, unless we want to take a substantial loss in the house sale.

As if in retaliation for our negative vibrations, the house recently decided to have a few nervous breakdowns. We are required to shell out some money for repairs. We have a roof leak, discovered in the last month’s storm.  The kitchen counter is sagging.  The outside wants painting. We’ve had a lot of rain; one of the mesquite trees is becoming uprooted, tilting towards the neighbor’s house.  There never seems to be an end to it all.

Apart from major matters, there is always mundane house chores and petty projects. Someone remains unemployed, but he is never without things to do. Goodness knows how we got anything done when he was working.  Once a week we update a ‘honey-do” list. This week’s list includes

Finish the taxes

Getting a birthday card for a friend

Please please please finish the will

Call the landscaping people toots sweet (that’s French for pronto) about the leaning tree

At night time, the east side of the house gives me the creeps, the result of watching “The Haunting” too many times. There are no overt signs of ghosts, but if I sleep on that side of the house I like a night light on.

The outside wants attention. For a man allegedly into gardening, the backyard is in a sorry state. I am embarrassed to go back there. Whenever it stops raining, I plan to remove all the dead plants and broken pots and start afresh.

And it is time for another garage sale to try to unload all the junk in the garage……..