I received an email from a woman upset about my recent posting on marijuana. Apparently she was searching the subject and stumbled onto my blog; she was disappointed in what she read – not such much in the lack of information, but that I even question the safety of MJ. She emailed me a litany of how perfectly safe MJ is, and how it is without any side-effects and it is 100% natural and how could I dare say it could be a problem.

I was intrigued: her email had several misspellings and the grammar was “not conventional”. I suppose she forgot to proof read it before sending, as a sentence was repeated three times.

My CDHD (cash deficit hyperspending disorder) was recently treated with a monthly salary, so I have some money to sign up for another round with the personal trainer. My gym work outs are much better with structure and supervision and discipline. I am going to alternate personal trainers – my two trainers both voiced interest in having me back; I enjoy both of them, and each offers a different approach. So I will bounce between them like a medicine ball. It is nice to be coveted by two brawny men.

It is more likely we will be brave and get a dog. Someone would like a puppy. I need to start reading a dog training manual. Neither one of us wants an out of control dog.  We agree on

a) getting a dog

b) a rescue mutt from a shelter

c) a puppy or younger dog.

What we don’t know yet is the name.  My father joked for years he would give any of his children 500 dollars if they named one of their kids “Kiffen”. I hope to cash in on this, although a dog as a grandson may be a stretch.

Perhaps we can agree on 250$?