Arizona doesn’t do Daylight Savings Time. I thought this would make life in Arizona more simple, but twice a year we try to remember if we are now on Mountain or Pacific Time.

Benjamin Franklin thought it a good idea as people were waking in summertime with hours of day light already past. DST was re-introduced during every major American war, as a means to save money – I forget the rationale – but the rationale seemed sensible. At some point it became regular, for economic reasons – something about saving money on the municipal use of lighting.

Lately, I hear a lot of kvetching DST is yet another evil government ploy to impose things onto people who don’t want interference from government. 
(“Don’t you just hate that?” I tell people with this complaint).

The Arizona Republic regularly prints letters I find simultaneously funny and depressing, and the topic of DST is no exception. My favorite argument against DST is the extra hour of sun will hurt crops. My second: DST forces golfers to get up later (or is it earlier?) Goodness gracious we don’t want to upset the golfers, whose courses consume most of the water here in Phoenix.

I know from experience DST’s jolt makes for a lot or irritable off mood patients. Spring, with its loss of an hour, is particularly irksome on depression. The moods one hour makes! It seems to take a week for depressed Michiganders to cover from DST’s onset.

I don’t miss DST living in Arizona. The summer sunrise at 430AM doesn’t seem to upset people enough to change the ‘no DST’ law.