In our house, Someone makes the travel plans and arrangements. He does a very good job. Last week the clever man managed to find enough frequent flier miles for one of our summer holidays – and this does NOT entail transfers or uncivilized travel hours.  He also arranged the car rentals, hotels, theatre tickets etc. for the annual trip to Canada, a Santa Fe opera weekend, and the parent’s 50th wedding anniversary in Charlevoix,Michigan.
Someone always rents the cars in his name. He likes to be in control He doesn’t like how I drive He doesn’t mind driving. Lucky me that he does, for I get to be back seat driver to nap in the car. Being the perpetual passenger makes me “Map Master” viz. I tell him when to take the next exit or how many miles until the next major city. Someone has no sense for direction. In contrast you can spin me around blindfolded and I will retain “which way is north” at all times. So I am not useless on car trips. It is also my role to provide the appropriate ipod music provided it is not Enya.

Someone is a gentle thoughtful man, so it surprises me he can be so cross behind the wheel, especially if his fellow drivers are showing signs of forgetting basic driving etiquette. It makes my eyes cross to hear such language when he instructs other drivers to go forth and multiply (but not in those words).

On car trips I usually have a small iced tea; Someone likes “Diet coke, Diet Pepsi, whatever” and he likes the ‘trough of cola’-sized containers. As Map-master, I need to be on top of when is the next rest area for those sudden announcements we need to be stopping soon now.