I am home today with the flu: no fun, this.

It started yesterday with a scratchy throat and general malaise. Last night saw a rockem-sockem sequence of chills and fevers. What little sleep I got was haunted by nightmares – of the Charles S. Price no less!  (I am still working on the psychoanalytical explanation of this one; I think I know what this is, and I am disappointed my psyche is that obvious.)

So today I am home. Being home with the flu sounds quaint until it happens. I ache so that I can hardly sit up. Thanks to dehydration there is a sinus headache resembling a hangover.

I can not remember the last time I called in sick – 2006 I think it was. “Calling in sick’ is complete chaos, as the receptionist has to contact two dozen people to cancel and reschedule their appointments. I feel sorry for the poor sods who had their first appointment today – probably having waited months to see me. I hope they are understanding; doctors feel so guilty when they take sick days and I am no exception. I decided common sense had to override personal guilt. I needed to stay home

This is the first time in who knows how long I am home alone. Someone is somewhere. The house is very quiet; it is slightly creepy.

So there is not much I can do but try to eat something, drink lots of water, and not fidget. I hope this is just a 24 hour bug. A weekend spoiled by aches and pains is noooo fun.