There is something terribly wrong with me; my nose is running and my feet are smelling…….

I have a cough and allergies from hell. Like a fool, I felt better on Saturday so we ran some errands. None were strenuous, but we went in Someone’s convertible AKA “The Precious”.  I suspect my exposure to the pollenated nasty muck Phoenix calls ‘air’ evoked allergies or some mild bronchitis.  Serves me right.

One of yesterday’s chores was stopping by work and picking up two day’s worth of charts. I spent several hours last night calling patients, pharmacies, and filling out forms etc. Patients are blown away when I call them in the evening hours – and on the weekend ! I try hard to return all phone calls. This simple act of good manners must be rare, as it earns me a lot of brownie points.

Between a hacking cough and completing my paperwork there is nothing much needs doing today.  I will try to sit still, which is something I have never been good at doing.  At least I will have time to read some blogs.

Today is Bach’s birthday, so I will play some Bach, as is my wont.

It is also the birthday of my childhood friend Charlie. I suppose you could call him my first boyfriend. Bless him, he always leaves a happy birthday greeting on my day; I leave word on his.  It is hard to come to grips the boy with whom I played games etc. as a youth is nearly 50 !  Happy Birthday Charlie Boy!