Someone and I have been talking about getting a dog for awhile. We have mixed feelings about getting a pooch for they take a lot of time, energy, and money to have a dog. We travel; I am gone most of the day.  I have all sorts of concerns about committing to a long term relationship like this.

Regardless, we are pursuing it.

We went today to several Petsmart stores, where the Arizona Humane Society has some dogs to show for adoption. We went  to learn about the process. If a dog seemed to leap out at us, we would take it; but not if we were ambivalent about it.  Alas, we did not see any dogs we wanted. The Humane society has a lot of small dogs; mostly Chihuahas (why are there so many chihuhas?)  We realized we don’t want a small dog. Nor do we want a pit bull or a ‘pit bull mix’. There were no lack of pit bulls either.

I’ve learned I would like a medium-large dog.

I think a black dog would be apt for a psychiatrist – Winston Churchill called his depression “The Black Dog”.

Our next step is to go to  and look at photos. Eventually we’ll find a fido whose profile we fancy. Then we apparently go ‘interview’ him or her.

I’ll keep you posted.