The last few entries have been rather lofty and serious, so how about some fun? Back by popular demand – Dr. Urspo’s Wicked Pack of Cards.

This time I am using my favorite deck, “The Brotherhood Deck” from Oak Grove Oracle. The photos are from the Mohave desert.

“What does the month of April bring?”

Past Card – Strength

We are moving out of a period where strength and stability were in charge; libido was high (that means psychic energy!)

Present Card – 9 Swords

Worry and anxiety. Bummer. Watch for worrisome events or becoming too vexed with things.

Future Card – Nine of Pentacles

A card of prosperity, and my own ‘personal card’ as it is about gardening, or growing things in general.

Apparently if we don’t get to anxious, things are bound to grow in April. Reminds me to purchase some seeds.

Positive energy card – 5 Coins    Negative energy card – 3 Cups

What the hell? 5 coins is a rather negative card; you can’t get more happy than the 3 cups. So why are they reversed? Either April is a topsy turvy month, or one needs to be wary; what is superficially considered negative is in fact a positive, and vice versa.

Outcome – 4 of Swords

Tranquility and satisfaction of being.

This card, combined with the 9 pentacles card, suggests April ends well, despite some angst and mixed up matters.

Sorry, I do encores only for cash.