The Board of Directors here at Spo-Reflections are pleased as punch to announce the quarterly report is very favorable Spo-Reflections broke the record for the number of visitors per month.  We attribute this good fortune to  staying the course, clever micromanaging, and keeping a short leash on the writer who continues to wander off on tangents when unsupervised.

We thank all Spo-fans for their ongoing support and comments. We are always open to input from our readers, particularly clever pretty ones and those with good ideas as to how to keep the writer from further generating random thoughts.

Feel free to leave words of advice or requests for future topics.

All gifts and money donations should be addressed to The Board and not to Urspo.


The Board of Directors this isn’t the first time we’ve been to the rodeo and don’t f=ck with me fellas and yes I said yes I will yes INC. OBE. Etc.