Hello. My name is Harper. I am 8 months old. I was given up by my previous owners when they had to move. It’s been a hectic week for me – I was given to the Arizona Humane Society and quickly put on display for adoption. I wanted to go to a good home. Several people looked at me, but I think my fearful sad look turned them away. Then two fellows came to see me; they seemed like nice people – and very handsome too. So I chose them. I don’t think I was quite what “they were looking for”, but I am going to show them I am a good dog. I am a mixture of a labrador and a boxer – or so my mother told me; I am not sure.

Urspo and his Someone brought me home last night. I kept them up all night. I was scared with all these changes.  Urspo, the other dog, says I can be part of his blog, provided I don’t slobber on the keyboard. I promised on the agreement I am not referred to as Someone Else.

I sense my master is a bit overwhelmed by the notion of having me in his life, but I will try to train him to be a good master.