I promised myself when we got a dog my blog would not become preoccupied with ‘my life with the dog” entries. However, Harper will probably be a topic for a little while,  given the excitement of it all, and some nervous “first time parent” thoughts.

I don’t know dogs, but I “read people” for a living – Harper is friendly, but not at ease. What is missing is the cliche happy pup excitement. She seems to have some anxiety and depression, a sort of “puppy post-traumatic disorder” for all the week’s activity. She often goes to the door. It looks like she is waiting for us to ‘bring her back home’.  She doesn’t want to play or fetch. I suppose she needs time to settle down. I recall the cat took a few weeks to be at ease when brought home from the shelter.

Someone will be in charge of taking Harper to the vet ( first appointment is this week). As they will be home together while I work, I sense she will bond more with him. This is OK. One of the reasons to get a dog was to give Someone some company in the day time.

Harper shows little interest in treats, toys or eating much either. She also doesn’t have any interest in the backyard pool, to our relief.  After a day or so she is just starting to inquire ‘what is up there’ on the kitchen counters.

I look her into her sad little face and say “You are a dog, do not deny it”  She puzzles at this, and then licks my face. That is sweet.

Update: she is showing some energy, and chewing on a bone – good signs she is ‘perking up’?!