I have to face facts a few of my favorite blogs have fazed out.  They have either ‘fizzled’ or simply shut down. I appreciate the bloggers who gave explanations for doing so. This is preferable to ‘just disappearing’ – and better manners too.  Many continue on Facebook, so they are not totally gone.  This is a comfort for I miss them.

I feel sad when a blogger buddy calls it quits.  I feel I am losing a friend – or the start of a friendship that won’t evolve any deeper. Blogging relationships are a very important element of this hobby.

Members come and go when they loose interest or don’t have time for it. That is a drawback to a hobby-club.

Continuing a listless job is one thing but a boring hobby makes no sense.

Well if blogging buddies go, new ones still seem to appear.

I am honored to have a few new Spo-fans; The Fates are guiding me to visit some ‘new’ blogs.  Keeping my ‘links’ up to date is a bit of a challenge!

I like the personal elements of composition integral to blogs. Facebook is good for brief announcements and quick check-in. Blogging has more in-depth expression.

Despite my April Fool’s Day entry, I don’t intend to stop blogging.