(This is not a nice post. I wrote it after I read about African gay men are being murdered and their bodies dug up for further debasement. At the same news site, I read Oklahoma is trying to repeal hate laws, making it OK to attack gay people, based on religious expression and freedom.)

“You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.”Anne Lamott

One of the greatest tragedies of mankind  is the unconscious projection of Shadow onto another person. “I have no faults, but he does.” The process gets more ugly when a society projects its collective Shadow onto a group.  This ageless exercise varies only with the projectee – who is the new ‘them’ to the ever constant ‘us’. You would think we would learn, but we never do.

While it is no longer allowed to demonize Jews and Blacks (at least not publicly) it is OK – yeah, it is promoted – to demonize gay people. As I write this,  gay people are being killed in Africa. Their bodies are being dug up by the righteous in order to desecrate them.  African poverty and the lack of food are attributed to homosexuals; all ills are caused by their presence.  So they must be destroyed. And to do so is God’s will.

At least in 1940 some people thought the extermination of the Jews bad enough to do something about it.  I doubt no one will stand up in a similar way for gays in Africa. This is because most people secretly like the notion of eliminating gay people.

Question; when all the godless queers are burned like the faggots they are,  who will be left to demonize?  I suppose Mexicans, but there are too many of them. Besides, The Catholic Church won’t cross the Latinos lest they leave; the LDS can’t say too much as they want new recruits. Both churches are happy to see gay people destroyed though.

In “The Christmas Carol” by Dickens, The Ghost of Christmas Past reveals to Scrooge (who doesn’t want to hear it) The Children of Man, named Ignorance and Want. The Ghost tells him to beware both of them, but most of all beware this boy (Ignorance) for on his brow is written Doom.

There is the grim satisfaction when gays are eliminated by a united sky-god the comglomerate of Catholicism, LDS, Moslem and Right wing Protestants, and the world’s problems are NOT solved, they will turn on each other and blow each other up.