Yesterday I finally got around to tidying up the backyard. Its sorry state has been bugging me for some time. There is nothing like cleaning a yard in the spring time to feel the wonder of Nature. On the other hand Nature let me know she did not appreciate my procrastination. She had all sorts of surprises for me.

Clearing out the vegetable bed was my first task. To my astonishment one of last year’s tomato plants is still growing under all the weeds – it became a perennial. There were several seedlings of melon and tomatoes underneath.  And I had just bought seeds!

While pulling the weeds I uncovered a nest of baby rabbits – right in my vegetable patch !!

Spo-fans know I am at odds with bastard rabbits who descend en masse in these parts. Apparently one of the bastards them had the cheek to make a nest right in my garden. There goes dignity. I am not going to evict a bunch of baby bunnies. I stopped garden proceedings to make a bit of shelter for them. Mama rabbit better raise’em pronto and skidoo. I’ve got melons to plant.

Meanwhile Someone fixed all the screen windows and door Harper had jumped through. The open house was invite for all sorts of things. We are host to a bunch of flies and what looks like mosquitos the size of a tennis ball. Just as we think we got them all, more appear. Worse, a baby grackle flew around the kitchen and into any glass it could find while simultaneously pooping whenever it hit its head. For awhile we could not get the damn thing to fly towards the open door. We finally got him out – he seemed stunned but OK.

But all is well now. I can sit in my porch with my pooch, a book, and a drink.  I refrain from looking out onto my industry and getting up to do some more.

Life is good.

How long does it take for bunnies to grow up?