Psychiatry has the challenge it has to discriminate ‘abnormal’ from ‘normal’ in human behavior and emotion. Would anyone care to define ‘normal’ for me? When does depression, anxiety, etc. cease to be part of the life and become clinical disorders worth treating? Western Medicine doesn’t have a good definition of ‘Health’. At most health seems to be the lack of illness. I don’t recall any lectures in medical school on health.

And illness seems to be proliferating.  In this past decade, more prescriptions were written than in any decade recorded.

In my earlier diagnostic manual, there were ~ 50 mental illnesses. In the upcoming edition, I hear there may be over 500. Approximately one in four Americans now meet the criteria for something. Are we that mentally ill?

My father finds psychiatry somewhat amusing  He is a lawyer, and his concerns are with right and wrong according to the law. “When do you conclude a person is just no good?” he asks about my patients. Good question.  I wonder if we are transforming unacceptable bad behavior into mental illness.

It is time for people to take a completely new approach towards mental illness – new for Americans. Other cultures and religions have done better. Remember, the Greek word ‘Psyche” means soul – and when did the soul become a sickness?

We need to stop seeing Life as something that is sickly and needs treatment -and should be medicated.

We need to take Self more responsibly – and behave.