More and more men are coming to the clinic with complaints of low sex drive and poor sexual functioning. Some of the increase is positive viz. men are less ashamed to talk to their doctors about sexual matters. Thanks to advertising, they know there are treatments for these problems.

On the negative, I see a lot of sexual problems actually coming from a sense of inadequacy, stemming from the economy.

In our society, we have linked The Persona with Eros.

Money = power = worth = sexual potency.  The more money you have, the more sexual you feel. There is no Truth to this, but it is in our collective mentality. Most patients intellectually know they really aren’t different with or without money, but they don’t feel that way.

It is very hard to disengage from a collective belief.

I know people and patients who are ugly as trolls (some are trolls) yet because they have money they feel they can seduce anyone. “Sugar Daddies” are an example of this.

I see even more men who have lost their jobs and income feel unappealing and without sexual energy. They may be quite handsome, but they no longer feel attractive. And this is still a common cause of sexual dysfunction.

Perhaps the dark cloud economy has this as a silver lining; the more out of work men there are can help us collectively unplug from the erroneous belief money = desirability = sexual potency.

Meanwhile, I try to dissuade these cases from Viagra type medications (an expensive pay-out-of-pocket medication anyway) to work on freeing themselves from this societal con job.