Ooooh Nanny!

This Memorial Day weekend we go to Palm Springs!

Palm Springs is one of my favorite places. There is nothing specific about the place that appeals. Perhaps it is nice to be amoung so many men who know how to accessorize.

I simply like being there, with its associated pleasures.

Going to Palm Springs means Someone and I go on a road trip. He likes driving The Precious; I like getting out of Phoenix. On a road trip I allow myself decadent indulgences like “road food” and a bag of nasty chips. You can hear me munching all the way to the valley.

While in Palm Springs, we get to have few nice meals, and a lot many a few cocktails. I get to show off a shirt or two.

We stay at Chestnutz, one of my favorite B&Bs. The owners are a lovely couple who take good care of us. They have an evening cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres.  Chestnutz is in walking distance to downtown, which allows us to swagger home snoockered not drive.

Most of all, I get to lounge by pool side and DO NOTHING. Someone points out we can sit by a pool and swill gin just as easily at home. But in Palm Springs, there are no house tasks calling my name. Plus, there are fellow B&B travelers with whom to chat.

If there are any Spo-fans in the Palm Springs area this Memorial Day weekend, please consider meeting up for a drink.

I’ll be the one in the loud but fabulous shirt.