For International Spo-fans (and U.S. Spo-fans not paying attention) the Governor of the state in which I reside signed a new anti-immigration law. I admit I don’t have the details/know its entirety. What I deduce is law enforcement officers can now demand anyone prove they are a U.S. citizen. They are looking for ‘illegals’ in order to deport them.

The conservatives who are wildly happy for this won’t admit what this is really about – “G_damn Mexicans” filling up Arizona until White people real Americans become the minority and are forced to learned Spanish.

The notion of stopping somebody “looking like an illegal” sounds a lot like “Mexican features = illegal”.

I will keep you informed how many times a police officer asks this white male with an English name to prove my citizenship.  Correct me if I am wrong, I recall German police in the 1930s went around measuring the noses of suspected Jews, first to identify them and later to.. well you know the rest. The manifest goal of searching out Mexicans Illegals is to deport them – shooting them is not the goal (yet).

The local Catholic Church leaders are coming out against this law, probably because they don’t want to turn off Hispanic Catholics who may go over to Protestantism.  The Arizonian Bishops lead very conservative flocks I suspect love and support this new law. I wonder if these same parishioners will ‘come out’ and protest the Church to stop “supporting Illegals”. Less Mexicans Illegals in the pews would be welcome. And no more having to sing hymns in Spanish! What a relief!

Sarcasm aside…

The State is in its worst financial  situation in decades – perhaps in its histor? – but we’ll go deeper into the red as the courts and groups will spend countless hours on lawsuits.

I tend to get bitter when I get frustrated at the lunacy of man. So I will apologize ahead of time for the following –

I feel burned nobody stood up for me/us when hopes for equal rights are repeatedly dashed. So I don’t feel too keen right now to support the Latino community that recently voted en masse to make me a 2nd class citizen on the grounds I am evil.

It is a bit of relief there is a new bogeyman de jour upon which to project our collective Shadow.