Mix ups in home communication have elevated since Harper arrived.  Prior to the pooch’s presence, what was said to whom was challenging; now it is really even more so. My hearing is not what it used to be. If Someone is shouting calling from another room I tend not to hear him. There is a lot of ‘what?” then repeat, then “What?” some more until we finally come together or we get cross and give up.

I tend to mutter say things out loud AKA Tourette’s syndrome. Someone inquires what did I say and I explain I wasn’t really saying anything.

It all makes for comic moments – and sometimes not so comic.

Now there is a third party in the house and the combinations of who is speaking to whom grows more complex. I ask Someone what did you say, only to discover he is talking to the dog.

The tone of voice helps determine who is the receiver. Both of us tend to talk in a different tone of voice when we are speaking to the dog.

We sound rather silly; the closest to describe it is how an adult goo goos with a baby.

I suppose the dog doesn’t understand many of our statements; It may be projection on my part, by I swear Harper looks at me askance as if to say “what are you saying?”

So there is a lot of talk, and it is none too certain who is the receiver. I am learning “You silly beast” is NOT directed at me (thankfully).

Neither is ‘Let’s put on your leash and go for a run!” (alas).

I suspect most pet owners sound like dorks when talking to their pets, but I am not sure.