That last entry was a bit lofty, so today I thought I would have some fun. A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men.

When a doctor interviews a patient, what they say first or foremost is the ‘chief compliant’.  It may not be the real matter, but it is the subjective matter of the patient. Over the years I have head a few eyebrow raisers. Here’s a few.

“My wife thinks she has ESP when she really has PMS.”

“I committed suicide four times last year and I am tired of it”

“Damn her (her daughter)! I sent her out to get a loaf of bread and she came back pregnant.”

“I think I could answer this best through the means of interpretive dance.”

“Before we begin, are you going to give me Ativan?”

“I was born on Mars but nobody believes me”

“I haven’t slept in 30 years. Not one hour. Ever”

“It all started at six years old when mother didn’t give me a brownie”.

“I have a bunion” (she thought I was a podiatrist)”