The Other Dog in the house gave permission for me to type out a post. I am pleased, although it is hard to punch keys with my paws. No opposible thumbs, you know. I am settling down in my new house. The Friend Beast is a loving person who walks me twice a day and tends to my all my needs.

I like The Other Dog, although we are in competition for the attention of The Friend Beast. The Other Dog and I are different breeds. He tends to walk on two legs instead of four. Most mornings The Other Dog leaves the house leaving The Friend Beast and I to do lots of fun things. At the end of the day, The Other Dog comes home and TFB feeds us both. I am puzzled why I have to eat out of a bowl while The Other Dog gets to eat at the table with The Friend Beast. Perhaps because he was here first, the ‘alpha’ dog as it were.

I like the big dog bed The Friend Beast has for him and we two dogs. I get in first, which annoys The Other Dog. I think it should be ‘first come first served’, don’t you agree?  Once there, I don’t move easily, despite The Other Dog’s efforts to nudge me aside. He says my attempts to push him out of bed so I can have The Friend Beast by myself is some sort of “Oedipal Victory” – whatever that means.

Nevertheless, when The Friend Beast watches the noisy box with the flat people in it, I like to cuddle with The Other Dog. He is warm and furry. He growls and woofs and I like to lick his face. The Friend Beast likes The Other Dog for the same reasons.

Anyway, I need to go. The Other Dog needs the laptop. He spends a lot of time on it. He is talks into it via a black leash around his head. Sometimes he paws at it. He tells me he is talking to other pets or the two legged sort.

Perhaps some day we three will get another dog,  but I hope the next one has four legs.