Patients sometimes talk about their issues using the metaphor of ‘having baggage’.  I like this term, as it gives hope you can either loose your baggage or get new ones. “Baggage” is often on my mind; it makes me think of the ‘baggage’ in my life.

The bags in my life that vex me are the ones under my eyes. People with allergies often have ‘shiners’ viz. creases and darker skin folds under the lower eyelids. Thanks to a bad allergy season, mine are atrocious. They combine age, lack of sleep, and bad heredity to balloon to  bags that would not fit into the overhead space on an airplane.  I fancy having them removed some time in my 50s.  I’ve seen many a case of ‘before and after‘ eyelid work, and I never see great improvements.

Our neighbor sells cosmetics. She gave me a cream to rub onto my eyelids. It is supposed to reduce fine lines.  As a scientist I want to do the left eye as the ‘control‘ and merely treat the right eye, but what if it worked? I would be asymmetrical.  So far, I don’t see any improvement for these daily dabs.

Going to work involves several bags. I have my computer case. I usually have a box of homework files; this parcel is named ‘My most difficult case”. Someone packs me lunch in a cooler bag. I usually have a gym bag as well. So it looks like I am going on a small trip rather than to the office. Several of these cases have straps; if I wear a few of them around my shoulders, they make me I look like Jacob Marley’s ghost.

A few years ago Someone pointed out I am the only person left in the world with luggage without wheels. I don’t mind this, but as I get older, hauling a duffle bag through airports is indeed tiresome. So we purchased matching luggage from Land’s End, complete with initials (No, it does not say SPO).  They are bright red to make them ‘stand out‘ at the airport among all the black bags.

And of course there is my “bum-bag”. It’s evolved into an over the shoulder bag Someone tells me is in the style of a mail carrier pouch. When on I go on holiday, it holds my glasses, my phone, wallet, pill box, whatever book I am reading, something to munch, etc.I am not sure how it differs from a purse.

No tea bags; beastly things.  I like loose leaf tea thank you very much.