I am sorry I am not posting as frequently as I usually do. I am up to my ears in work – my evenings are eaten up with phone calls and paper work – no end in sight !  I think the Muses are on the bottom of the list of return phone calls, so there is no ‘inspiration’ and thus my entries are boring.

We are trying to tidy up the house.  Brother #3 and family are coming to town tomorrow for a long weekend. I get to see god-daughter Princess-Goddess, who is is about 6 months old.  I have not lived under the same roof with an infant for over 40 years.  I suppose if she is fussy, we have plenty of whiskey. Whiskey soaked pacifiers are marvelous tonics for cranky munchkins.

I am curious to see how Harper reacts to new people. She is ‘loosening up’ but she remains skittish. I hope she doesn’t freak out with house guests.  We shall see.

I am sorry I can’t keep abreast of the news with my blogger buddies and Facebook friends – they will have to wait until I have some free time.

At my rate – it may be a few days !