I have been thinking about feet. Someone and I have been walking barefoot out of doors, making the soles of our feet dry and cracked. Liberal applications of lotion don’t seem to make much of a dint.

My sister-in-law recently suggested I get a pedicure ‘for the fun of it” stating I would enjoy the experience. She displayed her perfectly trimmed painted toenails. I thought she was hypoxic, but it turns out her nail polish is blue-black.

I have never thought of, let alone had, a pedicure. I pity the pedicurist who would work on my ‘virgin feet‘. My toes are rather nasty. They are rather large and knobby. The toe nails are cracked and not at all even. A few of them show signs of fungus – not a pretty sight. The hair on my feet reveals I have Hobbit blood in my ancestry.

I think it would be rather a tough job turning these monsters into something pretty and polished.

But now I have my interest up – could somebody make them at least good enough to stop the embarrassment to walk around sans socks?

So I may get a pedicure after all.

Although I may stop at offer of nail polish.    

Unless they have Jungle Red.

One coat or two?