Last night while I sitting and reading blogs, I realized it was quiet.  Usually Someone has the television on, and/or I have my ipod on continual play.

In the quiet, there were some wooden chimes clacking during a wind surge. And that was that.

Silence. Marvelous and peaceful Silence.

How often to I encounter this? I suspect not often. There seems to be more and more noise every year. Offices and stores always have the stereo going. Silence is no longer the rule, but the exception.

“Be still, and know I am the Lord” is an expression with truth to it – how can I get in touch with the divine (let alone myself) with constant noise? Milton described Heaven as a place where there is either music or silence.” C.S. Lewis on the other hand portrayed hell as the Kingdom of Noise.

I need to experience Quiet more often; it is good for me.

Tonight, I will turn off every techno-noise maker so I can sit in Silence.