One of Life’s Truths is as we age we take on new roles. This requires us to get in touch with the appropriate archetypal energies. It also means to disconnect with old ones.  It is good to be predominately charged with “Child” energy at the age of 10, but it looks silly and ugly at 50.

Like the zodiac, my sun is moving into a new house. The house is that of the Elder – or The Sage, or The Wise Man – call him what you will.

Although I am seeing these younger patients in the guise of  “medication management”, I am keenly aware I provide the real healing as The Elder. I am nearly 50; I have a handful of patients in their 20s. When they get better, I doubt it is the ‘meds’ doing it. I create a holding environment where they go for Wisdom.

Despite what you may see or think, youth are starved for mentoring.  The Elder is vital to young men, perhaps even more for gay males.

I don’t have any gay friends younger than I. Indeed, I seem to be the youngest in my group.  I think this is too bad, for I would like some. I was greatly helped by ‘my big brothers’ and I would like to reciprocate to the next generation. With more openness nowadays, perhaps the mentoring of gay youth isn’t so vital nowadays. If this is true, this is a very good thing.

Still, there will always be the need for The Wise Old Man and The Youth to interact.