GAMES magazine

This ‘medical journal’ is chock-full of puzzles to keep my mind sharp and not make me look like a bimbo at poolside. My favorite is the ‘cryptic crossword’. Describing a CC requires a blog entry in itself.  There is nothing so lovely as doing puzzles by poolside. A cool drink makes a nice compliment, but not too strong. My puzzle solving skills plummet after three two a cocktail.

Sunglasses and a good book

Reading material is always a must for any holiday travel. Together they make a good cover for watching others at poolside.

For appearance sake, it is good to move the book marker from time to time.

Road Tunes

Palm Springs is five hours away (four if Someone drives). On the way over, we can play an opera. We must make a sight. “Ethel, look there! Two middle aged men are blaring “Norma” and both are singing along the part of Maria Callas!”


Someone likes to buy linen and table runners. I like to buy candle holders. But will that charming tablecloth fit? If we are good Boy Scouts and “prepared”, we will know the answer.  (On second thought we have enough of these things already, so perhaps not!)

“Hamburger Helper”

Of sorts. In a metaphorical sense. These items turn plain hamburger into a gourmet treat to enhance any meal.  The saying “Too many cooks spoil the soup” doesn’t apply.