This weekend marks the 380th anniversary of my family coming to North America.  Deacon William Spo came over with friends and family from England to Dorchester Massachusetts in 1630. I pause on 30 May to reflect upon my ancestors.

There are many past and present geneologists in my family; the Spo family is well researched. Along with his church duties, William Spo was in charge of the colony’s ‘three cowes‘. I find this charming.  William sired countless descendants.

I don’t know what happened to the cowes.

William (1) had Samuel (2) who had Joseph (3) then James (4) then Nathaniel (5).

“Nate” was the Spo in the Revolutionary War.

After 4 generations as New Englanders, Nate went to Michigan where Spos have resided for the next 8 generations.  In a grave yard in Pontiac MI,lie Nate’s son John (6), John A.(7), Edward (8), Klebar (9), and my grandfather, Edward G. (10).

My father Thomas (11) had four sons (12). My tree twig ends with me.

I take comfort my nephews and cousin’s child (13) will continue our branch.

There is a scene in “Angels In America” I like very much. Prior Walter (32nd of the name, if you count the bastards) is visited by two of his forefathers. They convey their lives and problems were really no different to his own. That is a comfort.

And it is a comfort to know my roots.

Deep roots.