Today is Memorial Day.

We travel home today, after a very pleasant Memorial holiday weekend in Palm Springs. We had a splendid time. I had a lot of sun, food, drink, etc. I saw a friend whom I haven’t seen in years. I like Palm Springs; I hope to be back soon.

Today is also noteworthy that five years ago this weekend I moved to Arizona after a lifetime of Midwest living. The ‘covered wagon’ rented mini-van consisted of Someone and I, two cats, necessities, and several potted plants I would not leave behind in Michigan.

And here we are, five years later. I now say “back in Michigan” rather than “back home in Michigan”. The cats have passed on; the plants have turned over many times.

So what happens to me now? Where will I be in five years hence? Still in Arizona, or elsewhere. Will things be OK? Who can say.

As we drive five hours through the California desert toward Phoenix, I will be lost in thought (as is my wont). I will reflect on past events. I will wonder about ‘what happens this week‘ and in the future. Sometime this is a melancholy process, but mostly it is a marvelous tale of joys and mysteries of my life.

I hope all Spo-fans have a pleasant Memorial Day.

I hope your summers have something memorable and marvelous.