The temperatures are creeping up to 100 degrees or higher. The AC is turned on; it will run continuously until the fall.  In June, the sun rises around 430AM; we seem to have perpetual sunshine which is blazing white hot.

Summer has arrived.

I am used to living indoors for three months at a time, having grown up in the Midwest. Arizona doesn’t as much “cabin fever” because of pool activity.

Happily, we have a pool. When we moved to Arizona, we were not asked ‘Would you like a pool?”. We were asked “What sort of pool do you want?”.  We have a ‘fun pool’ rather than a diving pool. This means it isn’t too deep. At its deepest I can stand on my toes, head back, and still breathe.

No matter where I am, it is the shallow section.

The pool has a few ‘holes‘ in which to place a large umbrella, so I can sit in the pool for more than 15 minutes (otherwise I get fried in the sun). It is a pleasure to sit in water, in the shade, sipping something icy and reading a book (careful though).

Prior to bed, one goes out into the night, dives in, and has a cleansing rinse.

By later August, the pool isn’t so refreshing – it warms up to the point of bath water. No fun in that.

When we got the dog, we were concerned Harper would fall into the pool and drowned. Our fears are groundless. Harper won’t come near the pool. Someone is trying to get her into the pool to teach her where the steps are lest she fall in. Poor Harper, she looks like she is going to her execution when Someone tries to drag her onto the first step.

I have a suspicion most AZ residence like to skinny dip. We have two story houses nearby, so we try to be discreet and go ‘sky clad’ only in the dark of the night. At least Someone is discreet. I tend to be more bold viz. any old time of day. Our house has a high brick wall around it. If the cops show up with complaints from the neighbors, I would be keen to know which neighbor and ‘how do they know?” When people complained about her radio show, Mae West replied “Well, they could have turned it off”.

We have a couple of floating mattresses, several ‘noodles’, a flock of rubber ducks, and plastic margarita glasses.

Bring on the heat !