A few Spo-fans want an update on the puppy. I am pleased to report Harper is doing well, thank you for asking. She was very skittish and shy when she arrived. Now she is more outgoing. She loves to go for walks. She shows no signs of aggression or nastiness.

Because Someone is home and in charge of her daily doings, Harper is definitely “Someone’s Dog”. My hypothesis: she sees me as just the other pet, albeit the ‘alpha’ dog.

At times Harper can be, well, a bit of a bitch, pardon the pun. She can be pouty if she can’t have her way. But these are rare, and more charming than alarming.

She ‘plays well with others’ at the dog park. Someone says she is one of the better behaved dogs at obedience school.

In some ways she is not a typical dog that she isn’t interested in food. She nibbles away at her dish, not unlike a cat.  She shows no interest in playing fetch, but she likes to move her toys around and place them in piles.
She likes rawhide bones, which apparently aren’t very good for her.

Having a dog changes the diction in the house. Both of us tend to talk rather stupidly to Harper. I call her ‘poochy-pooch’ and “Dog of dogs” or “Mistress Four-foot”.  Someone’s favorite pet name is “You silly beastess”

So we are happy dog owners.

My main project now is getting her to move out of my part of the bed.