I think the 100-110 temperatures have melted various bits of my brain.  I seem to be more scatter-brained than usual. I can’t think of anything ‘deep‘ to write, and I don’t feel too bright either.

I can never determine whether or not I am stupid. It takes some knack to get through medical school and train as a psychiatrist, but this skills are counterbalanced by daily imbecilities, so I wonder.

Smelling blood, some of the  technical devices in the house seem to be in cahoots with the appliances. Nothing is working right and I can’t figure out what to do about them. For example, the laptop refuses to communicate with the office network, I dare say out of spite. I let things just sit there, hoping they will magically fix themselves or I will go on without them. Someone recently asked why I was brushing my teeth with a regular toothbrush. I explained the electric toothbrush started growling at me, went into spasms, and the start button is now stuck.   He ‘fixed it’ by showing me the battery was dead and it only needed recharging.

Perhaps I am going soft in the head.

What I need are colder climes, Aricept (on the rocks) and a few things I won’t write out lest my family is reading this.

And a new electric toothbrush.