It seems all I do nowadays is write things down.
My days and nights are consumed with writing. At work I write progress notes, prescriptions, letters and evaluations.

I am Swiss-German have OCD am a careful documenter; my medical notes are detailed and thorough. I may kvetch about the time consumed to write them, but I am grateful 6-12 months later when I consult them.

I have my hand written journal to record my daily thoughts and doings (given the dullness of my life, this one doesn’t consume much time).

And then there is blogging, which consists of writing entries and comments to others. I try to always leave a comment. It seems polite, and I want bloggers to know I was there/appreciate their industry.

Lately, the personal trainer is having me document my daily food intake.

This all makes for a lot of scribbling. I have the most documented life I know.

How odd it must be some people don’t feel obliged to record things but live day by day. It sounds delightful, but sort of scary – how do they remember anything? I somewhat write because I have OCD am Swiss-German out of habit.  I write somewhat because dammit I like to write.  But there is a large chunk of writing done out of worry – I fear I won’t remember anything if I don’t write it down.

I am at that age where I can’t remember what I did last week, let alone the name of that restaurant in Sante Fe we go to every year (that’s what the journals are for)

Writing this much gets me confused. I sometimes repeat things. Sometimes I think I have a brilliant original idea and I blog it, only to recall I wrote the same thing more or less a year ago. Worse, I realize (or someone points out) my ‘original idea’ is really someone else’s idea. What looks like plagiarism is actually careless mishmashing of thoughts and memories to the point I now longer remember what is what.

I sometimes joke I haven’t had an original idea in 20 years.

Yet and still, I continue to write write write it all out.

When I go, someone is going to have a time reading decades of daily doings!