Another reminder I am middle-aged is my waxing nostalgia for CDs.   I know it is vogue these days to buy tunes on line, but I haven’t translated over to them. I recall my father feeling the same way about going from LPs to CDs. I told him soon he would not be able to get LPs and now it is my turn.  The advantage of CDs though is they ‘last’ and are still available if I want them.

Last weekend we attended the Flagstaff Pride Fest, not as volunteers but as customers.  This year there were merchants; one of them was a used book store.  It had a few crates of CDs and we ended up purchasing a few.  For a couple of dollars we are the proud owners of “The Alan Parson Project” and  “Abbey Road”.

What I miss about LPs and CDs are their covers. They used to have such detail. I recall Jethro Tull’s “Thick as a Brick” album had a full insert of a spoof on the local newspaper.  My CD of this album doesn’t have it.

I remember Charley,  a class mate from high school. He was very good with an air brush. He was destined to become a CD cover artist. I suspect he is doing something else now – probably working at at Starbucks, alas.

I am trying to find a particular recording of Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, as conducted by Mr. Previn. I don’t want the recording so much as I want the CD – it had a marvelous painting of Titania and Oberon, etc.  Downloading the recording doesn’t do it for me.

Old book stores are a comfort for old fogies like me who want to run their fingers over a beat up square plastic jewel box, and admire the cover artistry of that album I have always longed to have – now available for two dollars.