For work I do a lot of dictation. The ability to talk into my laptop and have it spew out my sentences is a godsend. However it is far from perfect.  Thanks to a mild stutter and a bit of a Canadian accent, my words are not always accurately transcribed.  The medical terms often get mangled. I think there is a way to train the dictation programme, but I haven’t figured this out. (pronounced “oot”).

As the words appear on the screen, I have to watch carefully for errors. Long after publication I find some errors missed in the editing. I have figure out what the words were supposed to be. It is a sort of puzzle-game (albeit an embarrassing one).

Let me demonstrate.  I am now dictating this entry. Several common words are particularly irksome. Consider the word “irritable”.  I use the word  error trouble a lot,  and often it comes out well, like that.  Another commonly used word in psychiatry is education (which was supposed to be agitation).

Do you take any of the following medications?

Axel    (Paxil)

Sarah Coyle  (Seroquel)

Whelp you train    (Wellbutrin)

Sim ball to     (Cymbalta)

and my favorite

see Alice   (Cialis)

It is a bit of a nuisance to stop dictation to retype these, but it is amusing when they happen.

So next time you feel educated, go see Alice.