I was driving to work, listening to a lecture on a CD, when it stopped in the middle of a sentence. The radio refused to eject it. Ironically the lecture was about Eating Disorders. The player refused to disgorge the CD just as I was hearing about bulimia. The damn  CD is still in there.

The car needs to go into the shop anyway. The ‘maintenance required’ light is on, indicating I am in need of something. The Honda dealer never fails to call me a few hours into the scheduled task to announce ‘they found something’ that should be done ASAP. This always involves shelling out more money than anticipated. I think it is time to get a new car.

I recently won a raffle. My prize is a polo shirt. I called back stating there was a mistake, I was supposed to win the BMW.

Someone enjoys taking Harper to the dog parks. I never knew these things existed until we purchased a pooch. Harper enjoys romping with other dogs. The dog park in Scottsdale is a bit snobbish. We’ve heard nasty comments about ‘ghetto mutts’ from owners with pure breeds.  Harper is not the only bitch at these places.

So what else comes to mind this Thursday night. It is hard to concentrate as I am going through withdrawal. I am cutting out late night snacking, which for me means starch. Like an idiot I keep going back to the cupboard, hoping a box of saltines will magically appear in the space empty only five minutes ago. I’ve never done drugs, but this must be what cravings/withdrawal is like.

I learned today from a patient there is no such thing as mental illness, it is merely the result of bad allergies. I asked in my usual professional manner what the F are you doing coming to see me for then. Apparently this person’s allergist doesn’t agree with the theory. She urged me to read several websites proving her point.  I forget what the websites are. She also informs me Kleenex boxes make very nice hats, which I appreciate knowing.