My parent’s have their 50th wedding anniversary this year. Naturally, we kids want to do something about it. “Anything” we said.  They didn’t want to travel or have something (been there/done that). What they want is a week with all their children and grandchildren.

Well, if they prefer family over things of real value, it’s their anniversary after all.

We figured they would want this soiree at the Grand Hotel, as that is where they met. But they choose Charlevoix MI. I am excited.

Back when my father was working, he and his law partners owned a condominium in Charlevoix Michigan.  Charlevoix is located on the northwest end of the lower peninsula. It had several elements I love – boating, sunsets, and Lake Michigan.  The condo came with a motor boat christened “The Loophole” – an apt name for a group of lawyers. Our family holidays consisted of boating, water-skiing, and sometimes fishing.   At the end of the day, we would watch the sun set into Lake Michigan.  The official Spo dessert is a small chocolate cone.

Pleasant memories, these.

So – we all gather in Charlevoix in mid-July. While I love my family to pieces I am dubious about the lodgings. It will be challenging for me to be under the same roof with all of them. “All” consists of  <  2 parents, 4 grown children and their spouses, a teenage girl and her friend, 2 small boys, and 2 babies each 7 months. Most of these 16 Spos have untreated ADHD.

I plan to bring massive amounts of Ritalin, Adderall or Gin.

I suspect I will bore Spo-fans with several entries on ‘My Adventures in Charlevoix”.

Stay tuned.