I’ve not done a “Random Thoughts” entry in awhile. I suspect Spo-fans don’t find them particularly interesting; they usually don’t generate many comments.

Allergies continue to plague me. I have the dilemma of being congested with paroxysms of sneezing or being zonked on medication. I haven’t found an allergy medicine which doesn’t sedate. Decongestants help, but I feel a criminal having to sign a form at the pharmacy I won’t be using them to make crystal meth.  Why bother when there is so much available from nearby Mexico?

July is coming up. It has several events therein –

My birthday (I turn 50 for the first of three years)

The week long family holiday for the parent’s 50th.

This one comes to town to chase bugs and visit us (in that order).


Our annual trek to Santa Fe, to attend the opera (!)

I am sure to blog about it all in their appropriate times.

I am pleased as punch to once again fit into a pair of Bermudas I purchased in Toronto oh so many years ago.  I recall not too long ago I could not even close them; Now I am ‘snug’ in them. I use them as my measurement to exercise progress.  I’ve lost 3 pounds in the past month, hopefully all adipose from the abdomen.

Someone is watching “Steel Magnolias” for the millionth time. By now he can recite every line.  Being more butch, I can recite “The Lion in Winter” line per line. (I do the Hepburn role the best).  Both of us can recite “The Women”.

Can you recite any movie, line per line?