It is 3AM. I can’t stay asleep.

I keep having dreams about missing planes and being stranded without means in strange cities. I’ve had a few weeks of poor sleep, which I blame on work. I saw more than 50 new patients last month. I am supposed to cram these folks into my schedule while established patients are calling, complaining they can’t get in to see me. I am bringing home a lot of ‘homework’. It doesn’t take Freud to figure out I am overworked and the stress is taking its toll on my beauty sleep, Every morning I vow I will get more sleep the next night, yet my mind refuses to go to bed at a decent hour, as it wants ‘Me time’.  Tomorrow – today actually – I meet with the Boss-Man. I have a few crows to pluck.  I don’t flaunt my medical muscles much, but I think I will growl a bit. Daddy isn’t happy, and there needs to be some changes or he’ll pack his little black doctor bag and scram.

The patients are particularly challenging – lots of drama, lots of pathology,  lots of pain. And I am suppose to heal them all. Normally I don’t let this get to me, yet when 100s of them ‘gang up’ it makes my eyes cross.

Enough venting.

Someone and I have no weekend plans. I will spend most of Saturday doing charts. We are going to a pool party at some friend’s. I wonder if their evite email was sent to us accidently;  we haven’t seen them in over a year.  I didn’t even know theyhad a pool – apparently they had one built.

Harper turns one year old, or so so we calculated.  She is no longer a puppy.

The Tarot Card for the month of July is “The Devil”.  This card warns about being deluded into sorrows we think are impossible or unchangeable but are only delusions. It tells me to watch for negatism and Shadow energy.

Well, I am beginning to dose a bit;  I’ll try to go back to bed.  It will be hot today  – 112 or so.  Sensible people should stay home and not move except to get cool things to drink.

Thanks for listening.

For fun, tomorrow I will show you those berms I mentioned in a recent entry.