(note – this is a subtle attempt at humor and irony.)

Now that I’ve passed 50 (more or less) I should start figuring out what I am going to do with my life. I was trained in a school of psychology that emphasizes the first half of a person’s life is for ‘getting things into place’. Once these trappings and externals are established, one now focuses on individuation and the accumulation of Wisdom. One works in the role(s) of Crone, or Sage, or Wise Old Man or Elder to the next generation.  No small task!

I now have the privilege of telling youngsters how to here.  I think I’ve made it by adhering to the simple rules. I make it a rule to smoke only one cigar at at time.

I have no other restrictions.

I made it to 50 (more or less) thanks to being a neurotic nerd viz. I didn’t do drugs or smoke. I wore my seatbelt.  I regularly exercise and have routine checkups.  I have never been to Los Angeles, or watched Fox News.

Being boring can save your life.

If a young person actually listened to me, I would tell Junior the best way to get to 50 (more or less) is to set your own path. Apart from never do anything cruel or uncaring,  make your own Journey.  It is not as easy as it sounds as there will always be people trying to reform you, people trying to get you into the yoke of custom and convention.

But don’t let them.

Mark Twain said “If you can’t make 70 by a comfortable road, don’t go.”