The clinic where I work has a lounge in which the female staff tend to leave their magazines. Ladie’s mags make sensational reading – far more interesting than my JAMA. I don’t find articles on how to choose makeup especially interesting but I like the ‘medical’ ones. I scrutinize them for I know lots of women get their medical concepts from mags like these. These articles tell you how to be a happier and healthier person.

I decided to write my own ‘health tips’ article.  If you follow these Spo-tips you will go far.


If you are sick – don’t go to work.  This sounds obvious but few people do this. Not only will you get better sooner if you stop running around, you are less likely to spread something around.

Don’t borrow precriptions – It is dangerous to take something without knowing the risks to your other medicines or baseline conditions.

Monthly self checks – Every month go over your skin for any signs of new spots, lumps, moles etc. And while you are at it, examine your testicles for any hard lumps.  It could save your life.

Take a vitamin.  Unless you are really eating 4-5 daily servings of fruits and vegetables, you could use a supplement. And you don’t need anything fancy fine.  Get a good generic drugstore multivitamin without bells and whistles.  It’s enough.

Lay off the TV – There is some evidence linking the # of hours sitting in front of the boob-tube to a variety of diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

Floss.  There is a correlation between inflammation of the gums (from lack of flossing) and coronary heart disease. Flossing not only keeps your choppers healthy, but your whole body benefits.

Seeing the doctor

Don’t diagnose yourself.  As a doctor, I find it hard enough to diagnosis things, so all those internet sites and tests may suggest something but please collaborate with a professional.

See your doctor regularly.  This is for you guys!  Keeping you fit is easier and better than trying to fix you.  Routine checkups keep problems away, and make nip problems in the bud.

Organize your doctor appointment.  Come prepared;  Think of this as a business meeting. Have your information ready.  Make a list of your questions and agenda items.

Don’t be scared to talk to me.  Going to the doctor and talking about your feelings, bowels, or sexual matters is not easy but trust me, I’ve been a doctor for 20 years and I’ve heard it all. Nothing surprises me.

Know your family history.  High blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, heart attack, stroke, dementia, mental illnesses, alcohol and drugs are the big ones.  Knowing this guides your doctor to keep closer tabs on things.

Tell me all your medications.  This includes all herbals, over the counters too.  This data is vital to prevent problems.  If I fail to ask – remind me.


Get face to face – Despite the internet benefits of Blogger, Facebook, Twitter etc. our brains are wired for necessity of real human interactions. We need phyical touch. Be with others;  do so on a regular basis.

Stop talking ‘wounds’ – How to I summarize a psychological truism into one believable take home message?  Get into the present; leave the past behind. Especially when you interact with others.

Stop needing to know ‘the why’ of things – Odd thing for a shrink to say! It is toxic to your life to demand an explanation of why things are before you move in your life.


3 drinks max – Any more is a binge, and this is a bad thing.

Keep hydrated – 8 glasses of water is the standard suggestion. Unless you have heart failure, drinking water is so important.

What you eat should make your stronger – A general rule is everything that you consume should have value, not empty calories.  A good mantra is “Eat Real Food, and not much, and mostly plants”.


Wash your hands – After you use the bathroom and before you eat.‘Nuff said.

Wear a seat belt – Another simple thing that is linked to longevity.

Don’t smoke – And if you do, quit. Now.

Vacation – I’ve written on this before. It is important to your mental and physical health to take time off from work. Remember, if you don’t, Nature will find some piss-poor way to make you go off work.

Weekly orgasms – I can only vouch for males (as I know of data to support it) I weekly dose of ‘vitamin O” keeps the prostate functioning, and correlates to over all well being.

Exercise is a must – There is so much data that says regular exercise is vital for both physical and mental health. Billions of health care dollars would be saved if anyone did some, even a 30 minute walk 3x a week ‘counts’.  Exercise should be seen as important as daily food and rest.